A booster for YOLO


Who doesn’t like travelling around, meeting people, experiencing different cultures and getting to know the other side of things? YOLO- You Only Live Once has a lot to do with making the most by travelling around and feeling content with life.

Now when it comes to travelling, we all make many plans with friends and family, but at the end, budget is what stops us all from stepping out towards our dream destination. Everyone deserves that dream trip and with proper planning and savings, we all can be there.

The main ingredient for financial planning is to be aware of all the offers that we can use during our travel. When was the last time you checked the offers available on your debit/credit card before making a purchase? If you have not done this before, it is never too late to start today. This one-step will let you save more than what you think right from booking your flight tickets to hotel and shopping. You never know what you got, until you check.

To live along with the mantra of YOLO, one needs to tune their actions and thoughts to achieve what they need in life. Heard of “Law of Attraction”? When Paulo Coelho said that the world would conspire together to get what one needs, it is the law of attraction that works behind to unknowingly tune one’s actions to get what they want in life. The same applies to making your dream trip happen by starting a recurring deposit and sorting the finances. Goal-based savings like these, every month will not just bring in financial discipline but also will take you closer to their dream.

Making savings your best buddy is another way to make the best out of your hard-earned money. One should always look for cashbacks, reward points and more for every transactions and park your money where you get better interest rates for your savings. You might wonder, how much difference are these little steps going to make to make your dream trip a reality but believe me, every step counts when it comes to financial planning! Slow and steady, makes their dream trip a reality

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