Sustainability and Wellness: The unexplored connection


When we talk about Sustainability, we think only about the health and well-being of the planet. But, is it, really? There is a deep-rooted connection between sustainability and wellness and it’s not just limited to the health of the environment, but of the people residing in it as well. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, the water we consume to everyday living - environment impacts every sphere of human health and life in the larger sense.

Global movements have been mobilised towards sustainability – like minimising waste, building green houses, being energy efficient, avoiding harmful substances like PVC, toxic-free oceans and much more. The collective and conscious effort by the people can lead to humungous savings that can be channelised towards their well-being in the long run, for generations to come.

While sustainability can be taught, the thought process to become sustainable itself comes from within oneself. I strongly believe in the Circle of Life – where the good we do, comes back to us. It is with a resolute purpose that Equitas Small Finance Bank came into existence - to create a sustainable community – transparent and fair – which is what Equitas stands for. So, when our customers entrust us with their deposits, we invest up to 5% of our annual net profits, going #beyondbanking to make that a reality in the society that we serve in.

Sustainability and wellness go hand-in-hand. Wondering how? When your savings are sustainable with better interest rates when compared to others, then that takes care of your financial wellness. But, when a unique offering like Equitas Corporate Salary account, provides you with a 360* wellness proposition with attractive interest rates and equally enticing wellness offerings, then that truly defines the connection between sustainability and wellness – a proposition worth exploring for a sustainable tomorrow!

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