Your First and Last Step towards Luxury


How many times have you taken that hard call to put back your favourite item from the store for the only reason that it is way ahead your budget for the month? Been there and done that? Have you convinced yourself saying you are earning lesser to afford that piece of luxury? I got you! Salary is not the only factor that determines a person’s capability to afford luxury. If one doesn’t know how and where to save, no matter how much he/she earns, they would never be able to afford their dream items. For someone who earns lesser but does proper financial planning can easily own their luxury item within a period of time – It’s just that time period varies based on the income. Let me tell you, nothing is impossible when it comes to financial planning. This is also applicable when it comes to taking that trip to your favourite destination. Your dream trip is never too expensive when you start saving through goal-based savings with a Recurring Deposit. When it comes to saving for different needs, it is not just confined to Fixed deposits, Recurring deposits, Savings account etc. Assets play a major role in saving for your dream/goal. Diversified asset portfolio will balance the risk that you might have to come across while investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real estates, Government bonds etc. Instead of investing all your money in one place, diversified investment will prevent the investor from drastic losses when the stocks go down. You can always earn from investments and utilize the same for your goals. Aspirations are what that keeps one going. Today, our aspirations mostly revolve around travelling, owning a luxury items and more. Now what is that single step to enjoy luxury is to start saving now. We have a series of products and services to help you step closer to your goal by saving for your dream while experiencing the bunch of offers and services based on your choice of account. Our premium product ELITE savings account provides the customer with premium banking services and offers on top brands to enjoy the high life while banking with us.

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