Chennai is a City, Madras is an Emotion!


What does the name “Chennai” remind you? The fresh aroma of hot sambar and filter coffee that loiters the streets with ‘Kolam’, early in the morning, instigates some feeling of belonging to every single resident who has come to this place leaving behind their hometowns. The land of temples, art, architecture and cultural heritage…the Madras stories that we all can date back to has a lot to bind us to this beautiful city.

As we all celebrate Madras Day in August, Equitas Small Finance Bank with its roots connected to the City has a lot to celebrate the day. Being a brand that is home grown in Chennai, Equitas Bank is the first private bank in Tamil Nadu to start operations post-independence. By having maximum number of branches in Tamil Nadu, we have our roots strong and grounded to the Land of Temples, culture and heritage.

The Bank’s partnership with Chennai Super Kings, which is again from the home-ground Chennai brings in the overall picture of how the brand is connected to the city.

We have run a lot of campaigns that are Chennai specific like “Route ah Mathu”, “Golu on Wheels” and more to capitalize our Tamil Nadu market.

With the Head Office located in the oldest mall of Chennai, the connection again prevails to the roots of Madras Days. Just like how Madras is a land where people from all around comes and resides, Equitas also believes in inclusivity. The organization is culturally rich with having employees from across India working with us.

When it comes to account opening, we again stick to the inclusivity part where anyone can open an account from the comforts of their home with us through a Selfe or a video call.

I believe alike Chennai, we as a Bank share similar features when it comes to hosting and serving the ones around us.

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