Beyond boundaries!


When we say IPL, the first thing that comes to my mind is Chennai Super Kings! Equitas Small Finance Bank being the sponsor of CSK for the 5th consecutive time, it is close to my heart as it is for every CSK and Dhoni fan.

Being a Chennai grown brand, CSK is a global icon with fans spread across the world cheering Yellove. I may not be wrong if I say we can draw parallels between Equitas and CSK on this, both being Chennai-grown brands- the only difference being fans to be replaced with customers.

Every year we are all geared to celebrate the IPL season and last time we went beyond by creating equiverse- a metaverse experience for the Yellove fans to visit the dressing room of CSK and then walk into the ground. The virtual Equitas Debit Card launched in equiverse was one-of-a-kind experience which won us many awards. All that wouldn’t have been possible without our partnership with the global icon-CSK.

We will be continuing our partnership with CSK for the coming IPL and there are more exciting things coming our way! You can spot us at the back of the helmet and cap of the CSK players during the IPL season. The whole team is geared up to welcome the season with whistles and more.

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